Former EastEnders star Maisie Smith jumped out of her chair with excitement after beau Max George pretended to propose while on The Chase Celebrity Special.

On the Sunday, April 23, episode of the immensely famous daytime quiz show’s spinoff, Maisie and Max made their debut as a celebrity couple.

After former Olympic champion Christine Ohuruogu had already collected £1,000 for the squad, The Wanted singer Max was the next competitor to get to the podium.

Bradley Walsh questioned Max on how he entered the music industry prior to his appearance on Strictly Come Dancing as he was getting ready for his cash builder.

With Maisie gushing in the background, the veteran host delved deeper into how Max and the Tiffany Butcher actress knew each other… completely unaware that the couple were in a relationship.

Bradley asked: “OK, how do you know each other?”

A jittering Max tried to reply before the host interjected: “Have you been out together?”, which sparked laughter from the audience.

Max and Maisie both tried to explain to Bradley before the singer jumped in: “It’s sort of going on at the minute.”

The host was left stunned by the revelation, explaining: “I didn’t know. I’m so sorry,” to which the audience started applauding.

Playing along, Max turned to Maisie and said: “Funny you mention it, er…” and pretended to reach for a ring in his pocket.

Maisie quickly rose from her seat as she pretended to be flustered by the proposal, with Bradley quickly thinking that the marriage proposal was for real.

The interaction saw viewers flock to Twitter to comment on the couple’s romance and Bradley’s unintentional comedy moments.

One fan wrote: “Bradley Walsh not knowing that Max and Maisie are dating even after the way Maisie reacted to everything Max said is the most Bradley Walsh thing ever.”