«Drunk, sitting on the ground!» Heather Locklear loses battle with sobriety and gets spotted after 20 rehab stints

You might remember her as Amanda on «Melrose Place», an American series, which graced our screens from 1⃣9⃣9⃣2⃣ to 1⃣9⃣9⃣9⃣!🤩 It starred Locklear on whom everyone had a crush back then! 💘😏See what alcoholism has done to the once iconic actress in this article!👇

Among the most remarkable roles of Heather Locklear are in «Melrose Place», «The Return of Swamp Thing» and «Uptown Girls» which brought her acting career into a new level. One of the most outstanding and successful stars of the 1980s has recently been spotted looking far not her best.

She was spotted with a swollen and blushed face reflecting all those challenges and hardship she has gone through in her life. Sources claim that she even took an attempt to take her own life. Her battle with alcoholism has already taken its toll on her. She has even sought help from rehab.

Lately, the 60-year-old actress was spotted with her dog in Calabasas, California. The star was spotted in flip flops and sitting on the ground. Paramedics and police responded to her home in 2008 after a caller posing as her doctor rang 911 believing that she had dark thoughts.

What concerns her personal life, she was previously married to R. Sambora with whom she shares a daughter. The girl has already grown up and is now 24.  Later, she dated her former co-star for a long time. Some assume that her battle with drinking has been conditioned by her unsuccessful personal life.