«Gabrielle Solis 20 years later!» Eva Longoria drops everyone’s jaws as she attends the Oscars 2024

If you have watched «Desperate Housewives», you definitely remember Gabrielle whose character captivated millions! 🎬🤩 Years have passed and Longoria shows that age is just a number for her! 😉🤌 The actress attended the Red Carpet and all eyes were on no one but her! ❤️‍🔥🤤 Women, keep your men away when you see the article! 👇

Among the most desirable stars on the Red Carpet was Eva Longoria, an incomparably outstanding and highly in-demand actress whose career was brought into a new level after her major role in «Desperate Housewives», a series which graced our screens in the early 2000s.

Recently, our favorite Gabrielle attended the Red Carpet and shone the brightest there. Her choice fell on an elegant black mermaid dress which gave even more charm and femininity to her image. The bare shoulders and deep cleavage added some spice and dazzled everyone.

Such a gorgeous dress emphasized all her curves and made her the queen of the event. Eva showed that age is just a number for her and Gabrielle that she portrayed is back again. Her confidence, graceful gate and posture didn’t go unnoticed.