«A double chin, massive thighs and half-bald head!» The way Tyra Banks has changed leaves a lot to be desired

In the early 2⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣s all girls adored the «America’s Next Top Model» host! 🫠❤️‍🔥  She was a Victoria’s Secret Angel and one of the highest-paid top-models of our era! 👏💯 However, nothing is forever, nor is her beauty! 😏 Now, the first thing people say when they see her is «What a cow!» 🤬😤 Hold your breath before you see her new photos in this article! 👇

It was back in the 1990s and 2000s that she enjoyed the peak of her popularity and success in the fashion world and modeling becoming the first black American woman to feature many prestigious magazines and earning the title of Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Years have passed and the host of the popular modeling show is no more the same. The 50-year-old supermodel strongly disappointed her admirers and supporters with her incredible transformation. She has considerably gained weight and now has huge thighs and double chin.

One may say that no trace of her allure, seductiveness and sensuality has remained and now the once beauty icon looks just like a typical housewife with extra weight, a laid-back look and no glam.

«Let her live in peace! Everyone deserves comfort», «Ageing is for bombshells too».