Prince Harry has stirred up controversy within the royal family after he was captured on camera mimicking his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, during the filming of the upcoming BBC documentary, “Prince Philip, The Family Remembers.”

The royals are reportedly displeased with Harry for likening his life in England to a blend of “The Truman Show” and being in a zoo in a recent podcast interview on Armchair Expert.

Queen Elizabeth II, in particular, is said to be perturbed by his actions.

Originally intended to commemorate the Duke of Edinburgh’s 100th birthday, the exclusive BBC documentary has now been dedicated to the late Prince Philip.

It features interviews with his children and grandchildren sharing cherished memories.

Filmed both before and after Prince Philip’s passing in April, the interviews were conducted separately, with Prince Harry recording his segment in the US, where he currently resides.

Scheduled for broadcast on Wednesday, 22 September at 9 pm on BBC One, the documentary has already been viewed by a select few ahead of its official airing.

In one segment, Prince Harry is shown reflecting on his grandfather’s passion for aviation as he views images of Philip’s time as a pilot.

This shared interest in flying extends to Prince Philip, Prince Harry, Prince William, as well as George, Charlotte, and Louis.

During the documentary, Prince Harry is seen examining Philip’s flight logs from a 1983 Royal Tour that took him to various destinations.

He recalls how Philip was actively involved in flying and emphasizes the importance of proving one’s skills rather than relying solely on status.

Harry humorously imagines his grandmother seated in the back of the plane, sipping tea, and reacting to turbulence caused by Philip’s piloting.

According to reports from the Daily Mail, Prince Harry expressed admiration for the enduring bond between the Queen and Prince Philip.

He fondly reminisced about Philip’s sense of humor and acknowledged the strength and love that defined their relationship.

Despite the Queen’s loss, Harry believes she will persevere, noting the remarkable dedication both monarchs exhibited towards serving their country.

The documentary will include interviews with prominent members of the Royal Family, such as Harry and William.

Additionally, Buckingham Palace granted access to the Duke’s long-serving staff, showcasing his study, private office, and library as they appeared throughout his seven decades of public service.

The film promises an unparalleled glimpse into Prince Philip’s life, enriched by personal accounts from those who knew him best.

However, recent comments made by Prince Harry have reportedly irked the Queen.

Sources suggest that the Queen found Harry’s remarks hurtful and believes they have strained their relationship.

Prince Charles and Prince William are also said to be angered by Harry’s statements, viewing them as insensitive and detrimental to efforts at reconciliation within the family.

Despite the tensions, it is revealed that the Queen still harbors affection for Harry, albeit with a tinge of annoyance towards Charles.

The rift between Charles and Harry appears to deepen, with implications that their relationship may be irreparable.

While William is commended for his composed response, Charles is criticized for his lingering resentment towards Harry, stemming from past conflicts that continue to linger within the royal household.