The tension between Meghan Markle and the royal family continues to make headlines, but it seems that Princess Kate has chosen to leave it all behind.

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their royal duties in 2020, their relationship with the Princess of Wales has been strained.

In July 2018, the royal family came together to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Royal Air Force, just a day after attending the christening of Prince Louis.

Meghan, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Princess Catherine, King Charles, and Queen Consort Camilla were all in attendance at the RAF Centenary.

They participated in the Royal Air Force Westminster Abbey service, presenting themselves with grace and elegance.

Meghan wore a stunning black dress with a boat neckline, while Catherine opted for an icy blue dress by Alexander McQueen.

Prince William and Prince Harry looked dashing in their military attire.

It seemed like a harmonious event, but recently, an old clip resurfaced, shedding light on a perceived sinister look from Meghan towards Catherine.

According to some observers, Meghan appeared fixated on Catherine, often giving her what they describe as death stares and showing signs of envy.

Speculations suggest that Meghan may have had a plan to oust Catherine from the royal family, believing it would make Prince William fall in love with her.

However, this alleged plan backfired, leading to Meghan herself stepping back from royal duties.

The ongoing attacks on both Catherine and William are seen by some as a reflection of Meghan’s realization that her strategy failed.

Despite this, sources claim that Princess Kate has dismissed Meghan Markle’s drama and moved on.

The tension between Meghan and the Princess of Wales has lingered, but a friend of Kate’s revealed that she is focused on what truly matters and chooses not to dwell on the past.

In a seemingly brutal dismissal, a source close to the royal household emphasized that the drama surrounding Meghan Markle is not a significant concern for Kate.

While Kate takes her responsibilities seriously, she is not preoccupied with the ongoing saga.

Simon Lewis, the former Buckingham Palace communications chief, commented on Kate’s role, stating that she is considered a key player within Team Windsor.

Biographer Sally Bettle-Smith noted that Kate is carving out a unique position for herself, while fashion consultant Jennifer Van Waldorf highlighted her strategic approach to avoid hidden agendas and stay within established rules.

This ensures that she doesn’t put herself in the firing line.

Despite Meghan’s frequent mentions of Kate in her memoir and Netflix docuseries, it seems that Princess Kate has chosen to rise above the drama.

Meghan once had dreams of becoming queen, but as our royal family moves forward, Kate remains a strong and popular figure, not only as the Princess of Wales but also as a devoted mother to their three beautiful children.