Prince William, who was dealt brutal four-word warning from Jamaican Prime Minister in the past, is said to be hurt after his younger brother Prince Harry’s latest stunt.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s surprise red carpet appearance on Tuesday ended with a stark warning to the royal family as the couple posed with Jamaican PM Andrew Holness, who previously threatened to cut ties with the royal family.

A royal insider has claimed: “Harry’s latest decision has added to King Charles’s worries amid his health emergency.”

“The King and Prince of Wales seem to be in great pain over Harry and Meghan’s latest move amid the royal health scare.”

The insider went on: “Harry has seemingly added salt to King Charles and Prince William’s wounds with his unwise decision to pose with the man who previously hurt William, Kate and King Charles.”

However, some royal historians and commentators believe the US-based couple’s trip could help ease tension between the royal family and Jamaicans.

During William’s and Kate’s tour of the Caribbean in 2022, Holness shockingly confronted the future king and queen to tell them “we are moving on” and intend to live “as an independent, developed, prosperous country”.

Holness admitted that the Caribbean island wanted to cut ties with Britain after Queen Elizabeth II died.

The Independent reported at the time that Jamaica “has already begun” its process to remove Queen Elizabeth as its head of state as it continues its push to become a republic.

“We have put together a plan to move towards that in a way that is meaningful and substantial in function and form. That is what we are going to do.”

This comes as Marlene told Sky News ahead of the King’s coronation last May that an “urgent” referendum could be held as early as 2024 to “sever ties” and remove Charles as Jamaica’s monarch, saying: “(Republicanism) is about us saying goodbye.” to a form of government that is linked to a painful past of colonialism and the transatlantic slave trade.”

Harry and Meghan’s appearance has also been slammed due to the royal family’s current health woes as the Duke’s father is preparing to undergo hospital treatment for an enlarged prostate, and Kate remains in hospital after a major surgery.