Brain dead woman gives birth to a baby When dad saw him, he immediately took action athlete has been brain dead since December last year, gives birth to a baby boy in Portugal and is then buried the next day. Katerina Sequira, 26, was put into an induced coma when she was 19 weeks pregnant.

She was born after the coma on Thursday. Her condition deteriorated and physicians decided to perform a planned C section sooner rather than later. Salvador weighed only 375 pounds when he was admitted to the hospital, and he will be there for three weeks after the birth of Ms.

Sakura’s grandson. Ms. Sakura’s mother described her feelings as bitter delight in Portugal. A former international athlete who has been brain dead since December gave birth to a baby boy who was born to his mother and father. She gave birth to a newborn boy named Salvador before passing away at the Hospital of St. Read the full story here ▶