In a dramatic turn of events, Prince Harry took the drastic step of tossing Meghan Markle’s belongings out of their accommodation late at night, following her alleged disruption of his birthday celebration in Germany.

Prince Harry celebrated his 39th birthday in a memorable manner with a night out in Germany. He and Meghan enjoyed a traditional evening at a local bar in Dusseldorf as part of their tour related to the Invictus Games. The couple indulged in classic German dishes such as bratwurst and Wiener Schnitzel, complemented by several beers. During the festivities, Harry reportedly consumed six half pints of beer.

Despite their need for privacy, the couple found themselves immersed in the lively atmosphere of the Golden Castle restaurant, enjoying a fun evening with friends. Patrons at the establishment noted Harry’s laughter and cheerful demeanor as they savored the delicious food.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of a birthday cake to Prince Harry, and Meghan graciously posed for photos with the restaurant owner and longtime waiter, Frank Wackers, who orchestrated the special moment. Meghan wore her white skinny jeans from a previous event, pairing them with a red and white striped shirt, completed with leather ballet flats. Harry, on the other hand, chose dark jeans and a gray shirt for the occasion.

However, despite the joyous celebration in Dusseldorf’s Charming Old Town, there were reports of unexpected developments later that night. Insiders revealed that the couple’s date night took a sour turn, marked by a heated argument, particularly concerning issues related to their children’s schooling.

Invictus Games attendees shared their observations on social media, with some expressing concerns about Meghan’s appearance, describing her as unusually thin with an unnatural complexion and dental issues. These comments led to discussions about Meghan’s appearance and behavior.

Furthermore, multiple hotel staff members at the prestigious Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dusseldorf, where Harry and Meghan were staying in a luxury room overlooking the Rhine, reported detecting a strong and unpleasant odor in the hallway near the couple’s room.

This raised speculation on social media that the royal couple may have been using marijuana in the hotel. Some suggested that Harry’s choice of a top-floor room location may have been a strategic move to mitigate the impact of the odor on other guests.

These reports reignited discussions about Prince Harry’s past admission of using drugs, including cannabis, magic mushrooms, and cocaine, as a means of coping with physical challenges and mental health issues. Harry’s openness about his history of drug use has raised questions about whether he might inadvertently be promoting drug use as a legitimate form of treatment for health problems.

Harry’s history of drug use dates back to his teenage years, including a brief stint at a drug rehab clinic arranged by Prince Charles when he was just 17 years old. Additionally, it was reported that Meghan offered to join guests at a wedding in Jamaica where marijuana was readily available. These events have drawn renewed attention to the couple’s lifestyle choices and their broader impact on public perceptions.