Meghan Markle finds herself in the midst of controversy as allegations have surfaced accusing her of financial misappropriation and withholding food rations from veterans participating in the Invictus Games.
While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle indulged in a sumptuous menu featuring delicacies like Island oysters with apple ladders, snow crab from full island paired with Ontario truffle, lamb chops, Quebec Duck Sushi, and goat cheese, veterans reportedly received meals with shockingly meager portions and lacking in essential protein.

This stark disparity became public knowledge when the veterans’ menu was leaked on social media, revealing items such as mashed potatoes, tomato soup, lemon pie, cheeseburgers, and mushroom pasta. These offerings were widely deemed insufficient to provide the game contestants with the necessary protein and nutrition they required.

What’s particularly noteworthy is that some of the dishes served to the veterans were reportedly sourced from Meghan Markle’s cookbook. This has raised suspicions among some observers who view it as yet another public relations move on the Duchess’s part. Critics argue that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may not be prioritizing the health and well-being of Invictus Games attendees, especially considering the limited presence of dishes containing protein, a vital component of the veterans’ diet.

Upon closer investigation, it was revealed that the World Center (WC), the organization responsible for preparing the food, had not mentioned the Invictus Games in its financial and impact statements, despite receiving a substantial donation of $300,000 from Archwal in 2021. This donation accounted for 25% of WC’s total contributions. The absence of explicit support for the Invictus Games in WC’s impact statement and tax returns raises concerns about the organization’s dedication to supporting veterans.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have faced criticism for their seemingly performative speeches and gestures of support, while not making substantial financial contributions to the cause. The revelation has sparked outrage, with many questioning whether they are profiting from their association with the games without making a meaningful commitment to its core values and mission. Calls for them to match their words with concrete actions and investments in organizations like the Invictus Games have grown louder.

Furthermore, the involvement of Chef Andreas, who received acclaim from CNN for his commendable work, has raised questions about potential future political influence due to his ties with the royal couple. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the final event of the sixth edition of the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf, Germany. During the closing ceremony, Prince Harry delivered a brief but emotional speech in German, expressing how the Olympic competitors had inspired people worldwide. He highlighted the profound impact of sports on their recovery and emphasized the importance of vulnerability, resilience, and sharing in the journey toward healing.