The viral videos depicting Meghan Markle’s apparent frustration during a contractual appearance with Prince Harry and a veteran have raised eyebrows. The Duchess of Sussex, aged 42, joined her husband, Prince Harry, aged 39, in Germany for the sixth edition of his adaptive sporting competition for veterans and service personnel.
However, in an unexpected turn of events, Meghan was captured in a series of videos where she appeared to be completely ignored by all the attendees, including Prince Harry himself. In the now-viral video, Meghan was seen making a concerted effort to blend in with the audience, despite being seemingly disregarded by everyone, including her husband.

Her mask slipped momentarily as she touched her forehead, a telltale sign of her inner frustration. Despite trying to maintain a cheerful demeanor, she was clearly upset.

Meghan’s presence at the Invictus event seems to have backfired, with numerous videos showcasing her socially awkward interactions. She appeared to be fumbling, exhibiting manic behavior, and even talking to herself. Her attempts to engage with others, including clapping out of sync and eagerly seeking selfies with pre-teens, were met with varying degrees of discomfort from those around her.

It’s striking to observe how most people around her preferred to engage with Prince Harry, rather than Meghan. The strain on her face and neck was palpable, and her behavior appeared increasingly bizarre. Even Prince Harry seemed uncomfortable, occasionally avoiding contact with her and resorting to what appeared to be staged interactions.

Meghan’s desire to be perceived as the star and the main attraction in their relationship, akin to Princess Diana, seemed to fall short. Her lack of charisma compared to Diana was evident, and most people remained more interested in Prince Harry.

Gone are the days when Prince Harry would attempt to rescue Meghan from such situations. He now seems content to let her navigate these social challenges on her own, perhaps even relishing her discomfort. This video serves as a poignant example of the underlying dynamics in their relationship, with Prince Harry displaying a distinct disregard for Meghan as he leaned away from her, causing her to lean backward.

The video also captures Meghan’s mask slipping, revealing glimpses of her anger and frustration. Despite her efforts to maintain a phony grin and wide-eyed sincerity, her tension was visible in her jaw and neck muscles.

The overall dynamic is peculiar, as Meghan appears acutely aware of the cameras on her. She struggles to maintain her facade and appears to be acting at times. Notably, there are numerous empty seats visible in the small frame, suggesting that crowd participants may have been strategically placed to create the illusion of a full venue.

Furthermore, the lack of engagement from individuals seated more than a couple of rows away suggests that many in attendance were aware of their roles as extras in what appeared to be a promotional video.