Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is facing renewed criticism for her remarks on the importance of family, particularly following the bitter Royal Feud that has garnered much attention. Meghan made a belated appearance at the Invictus Games alongside Prince Harry, where she disclosed the reason for her late arrival, stating that she had been spending time with her children, Archie and Lila, in California.
However, royal expert Tom Bauer was quick to criticize Meghan’s statements, questioning how she could emphasize the significance of spending time with family when both the Duchess and Harry have remained estranged from most of their family members.

Bauer pointed out the implausibility of Meghan’s claim that she was delayed because she had to provide milkshakes for her children. He raised questions about the logistics, noting that the games started on Saturday, the 9th, and it takes three days to buy milkshakes and handle a school run.

Meghan, however, left on Monday, the 11th. This led to speculation about who would be responsible for the school run for the rest of the week or whether the child had only one school day per week.

Furthermore, Bauer criticized Meghan’s attempts to project herself as a busy, young mother, suggesting that her lifestyle did not align with this image.

He pointed out that the children were rarely seen with Meghan and Harry, except for a vague sighting on July 4th. This prompted speculation about the existence of Archie and raised questions about whether he might be merely a narrative illusion.

Bauer’s comments also raised concerns about the Sussexes’ family life, as they had traveled to the UK for the Queen’s celebration without their children, and reports indicated that no one had attended Archie’s birthday party at Frogmore Cottage. Even notable figures like Oprah Winfrey and James Corden had not seen their children during their visits to Montecito.

The Daily Express quoted Tom Bauer as stating, “This is a woman who talked tonight about the importance of family, the importance of family for Meghan Markle, who did her best to destroy the royal family, who ignores her own father, who talks about how we have to look after victims and leaves her father in Mexico with a stroke and doesn’t visit him, and talks about family values.” He also criticized Meghan’s speech as being meticulously planned and calculated, with her intention to mention it in her speech having been established days in advance. Bauer concluded by suggesting that Meghan’s efforts to rebrand herself as a regular mom who shops at the mall and enjoys burgers would not alter her true nature, no matter the amount of money or PR involved.