Lady Colin Campbell, a royal biographer and commentator, has finally broken her silence on Prince Harry’s speech at the Invictus Games. In an interview with The Sun, Campbell said that she was “shocked” by the speech and that she believes Harry is “playing the race card.”

Campbell said that Harry’s speech was “full of grievance” and that he was “trying to paint himself as a victim.” She also said that Harry’s comments about the royal family were “deeply disrespectful.”

“He’s playing the race card,” Campbell said. “He’s trying to make out that he was driven out of the royal family because of his wife’s race. That’s simply not true. He was driven out because he wanted to be his own man and make his own money.”

Campbell also said that she believes Harry’s speech was “a cry for help.” She said that he is “clearly unhappy” in his new life in the United States and that he is “missing his family and friends.”

“He’s lost his way,” Campbell said. “He needs to come home and sort himself out.”

Harry’s speech at the Invictus Games was met with mixed reactions. Some people praised him for speaking out about his mental health struggles, while others criticized him for his attacks on the royal family.

It is unclear what the long-term impact of Harry’s speech will be. However, it is clear that he is still struggling to come to terms with his decision to step back from his royal duties.

Campbell’s comments are likely to add fuel to the fire. She is a popular figure among royal watchers, and her opinion is likely to be taken seriously. It remains to be seen how Harry will respond to her criticism.