Meghan Markle’s past has come under intense scrutiny since the success of her co-created podcast in early September.

People are now delving into her history, unearthing shocking details that have left many astounded.

Initially, it was believed that Meghan simply captivated the British Prince, but little did anyone expect the multitude of scandalous revelations that would emerge.

Rumors suggest that Meghan had a previous association with Harry’s uncle, Prince Andrew, involving a yacht complex.

Furthermore, it is claimed that Meghan had been married twice before and even had a child.

Unfortunately, after her marriage into the royal family, much of this information was deliberately suppressed, leaving few traces behind.

In a blog post from her past, Meghan hinted at a troubled period in her life, where she sought solace in alcohol, excessive eating, and casual relationships.

Does this imply that she was struggling to cope?

Although some of the information remains unverified, a closer look at the timeline certainly raises eyebrows.

Meghan was previously married to Trevor, her ex-husband, for several years, but they had no children together.

The couple divorced in 2014, and rumors circulated that Meghan had cheated on Trevor with Marcus Anderson during their marriage.

Although some defended Meghan by claiming that Anderson was gay, the existence of intimate photos between the two casts doubt on this assertion.

Interestingly, there seems to be a connection between Anderson and Prince Andrew.

Anderson was born in the same Canadian city where Prince Andrew attended university in 1977.

Striking similarities can be observed in photographs of the two, and there is even evidence of them conversing on a yacht in Thailand back in 2001.

Could Anderson be an illegitimate son of Prince Andrew?

Despite the controversies surrounding her, Meghan considers meeting Anderson as one of the luckiest moments in her life.

Anderson, who was by her side during her first public appearance with Prince Harry at the Invictus Games in 2017, played a significant role in introducing her to influential individuals.

He facilitated Meghan’s meetings with the likes of George Clooney and Jessica Mulroney, daughter-in-law of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Jessica has since become Meghan’s closest female friend, with Meghan even referring to Anderson as “uncle” to her beloved dogs, Guy and Bogart.

During her time in Toronto, where Meghan resided while still married to her first husband, film producer Trevor Engelson, Anderson accompanied her to various events, introducing her to local celebrities.

Another man in Meghan’s life was her chef boyfriend, Corey, whom she publicly acknowledged.

Corey preferred to keep a low profile, desiring a simple and ordinary life with someone he loved.

Little did he know that Meghan would fall in love with someone else entirely, leaving him heartbroken and still hopeful for a future with her.

As Meghan Markle’s past continues to unravel, it becomes increasingly clear that her journey to marrying Prince Harry was far from conventional.

With connections, controversies, and unexpected alliances, Meghan’s story captivates the public’s imagination.