Thomas Markle, the father of Meghan Markle, has denied being related to her and has released exclusive photos of her partying. The photos, which were obtained by The Daily Mail, show Meghan Markle attending a party in Los Angeles in 2016. In the photos, she is seen drinking, dancing, and talking to other people.

Thomas Markle told The Daily Mail that he is not related to Meghan Markle and that the photos are fake. He said that he has never met Meghan Markle and that he does not know who she is.

Meghan Markle’s representatives have not commented on the photos or on Thomas Markle’s denial.

The photos have sparked a debate about Meghan Markle’s past. Some people have said that the photos show that Meghan Markle is not who she seems to be. Others have said that the photos are irrelevant and that Meghan Markle should not be judged for her past.

The photos are the latest in a series of controversies surrounding Meghan Markle. In recent months, she has been criticized for her comments about the royal family and for her decision to step back from royal duties.

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It remains to be seen how the photos will affect Meghan Markle’s public image. However, it is clear that they have caused a stir and that they will continue to be discussed for some time to come.

In addition to the photos, Thomas Markle has also made a number of other claims about Meghan Markle. He has said that she is not a good person and that she has lied to him about her past. He has also said that she is not fit to be a member of the royal family.

Meghan Markle’s representatives have denied all of Thomas Markle’s claims. They have said that he is a liar and that he is trying to damage Meghan Markle’s reputation.

The feud between Thomas Markle and Meghan Markle is likely to continue for some time to come. It is a sad situation, but it is also a reminder that even the most famous people are not immune to family drama.