It appears that Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Hypocrisy, is doing little to dispel rumors surrounding the state of her marriage to Prince Harry. Over the past few months, she has been spotted numerous times without wearing her prominent engagement ring, which has raised eyebrows.

Once considered her most cherished possession, Meghan’s engagement ring, featuring a diamond from Botswana and two from Princess Diana’s private collection, designed by Harry himself, was last seen adorning her finger way back in December 2022. Now, this has fueled even more speculation about the couple’s relationship.

One Royal Source suggests that Meghan’s actions are merely a grab for attention, implying that she knows precisely what she’s doing but assumes others may be oblivious. The source adds that there are plenty of ways she could avoid showcasing her hand in public but instead deliberately positions it in front of cameras, an act deemed brazen or careless.

However, an insider, supposedly close to Meghan, offers an innocent explanation for her decision not to wear the engagement ring: it’s being repaired. According to this insider, who spoke with another publication, this isn’t the first time the ring has gone missing due to servicing. Nevertheless, not everyone is convinced by this explanation. Critics argue that Meghan is well aware that her choice to go without the ring will only fuel rumors of marital issues, further complicating matters for her and Harry.

The insider further claims that the situation does not bode well for the future of their relationship. They assert that Harry already has one foot out the door, especially considering his plans to meet with his father alone during his upcoming visit to the UK. Seeing Meghan flaunt her unadorned wedding finger is likely to make him apprehensive about their future, particularly given his fear of a California divorce.

Let’s face it, the couple’s desire to maintain their association with the royal family is primarily driven by financial considerations. From the beginning, Meghan saw Harry as a stepping stone to fulfill her dreams of becoming a prominent influencer. One can’t help but question why Harry, at his age, failed to recognize that he was being used. Meghan’s intentions have become clear—she simply craves attention and clout.

Throughout her time with Harry, Meghan has spent exorbitant sums on her wardrobe, filling it to the brim with ill-fitting designer clothing. Her trappings amount to nothing more than a trunk full of trash, including brooches, bracelets, diamonds, and trinkets. Frugality holds no interest for Meghan; she craves the spotlight and wants to be noticed wherever she goes, reveling in a world of abundance and affluence.

Given her insatiable greed, it’s no surprise that Meghan fails to understand poverty, scarcity, and inequality. These traits, among others, contribute to the lack of support she receives in the UK today. Initially, Meghan was warmly welcomed when she first emerged, but her demeanor and choices took her down a completely different path. She exudes coarseness, tackiness, and a lack of ethics and etiquette.

When one fails to show respect for conventions and lacks social grace, they risk becoming an outcast. Meghan has not only become a vagrant but a derelict and a rascal of a refugee in exile. It’s no wonder she remains a nobody in the United Kingdom. Fugitives like Meghan will never find favor with the good British people, who have no tolerance for unstable, hypocritical individuals seeking to make money and then flee.

Unfortunately, many fail to see the subtleties at play. It’s like a shadow passing over Harry, who seemingly fails to grasp the true character of Meghan. She is a snake, pretending to be everything Harry desires, including his ideal sex goddess. She has ensnared him within her web, and he appears oblivious to the trap she set.

Meghan presents herself as an environmental champion, fighting against climate change and global warming. Yet, her private jet travels and extravagant lifestyle in a mansion boasting 16 bathrooms contradict her claims of environmental consciousness. Her actions speak louder than her words, leading to accusations of green hypocrisy.

Similarly, Meghan professes a commitment to justice, equality, and impartiality. However, her discriminatory behavior tells a different story. These are just a few examples that contribute to the lack of support for Meghan in the UK today.

Meghan Markle’s engagement ring absence continues to fuel speculation about the state of her marriage. The controversy surrounding her choices, together with her alleged hypocrisy and disregard for social norms, have made her a divisive figure. As the saga unfolds, the future o It’s evident that Meghan Markle’s extravagant spending on jewelry and clothing contradicts any notion of her being thrifty or economically conscious.

Her excessive expenditures in these areas alone are proof of her lavish lifestyle. Furthermore, it seems unlikely that Harry will apologize to his family while he remains with Meghan. Both of them appear to believe that the British people, particularly Harry’s family, owe them an apology. Additionally, Harry’s alleged discussion of his “kill count” in chess pieces, given his background as a professional soldier, was ill-advised.

Publicly boasting about such matters is disrespectful to the widows and orphans left behind by those he may have been involved in eliminating. Soldiers have a duty to follow orders from their superiors and protect their country, but they are also human beings who experience deep emotions when confronted with the reality of taking another person’s life. The psychological effects of combat and warfare can be long-lasting, and it often takes a significant amount of time to heal from them.

Harry’s behavior and remarks demonstrate a lack of understanding and empathy in this regard. Moreover, his constant insults and lies against his own family are disgraceful. It was disheartening to hear a TV host praising Harry’s Invictus speech while disregarding the inevitable references to his personal trauma related to his deceased mother. The host conveniently ignored the fact that many participants in the Invictus Games have faced significant challenges, including the loss of limbs or eyesight, yet they have shown resilience and dignity in moving forward.

Harry seems to lack the understanding and courage displayed by these individuals. It’s worth noting that Harry’s claims of lack of support after his service in Afghanistan were contradicted by reports highlighting his praise for William’s suggestion to seek professional help. Considering these factors, it is hoped that the organizers of the Invictus Games will sever ties with him as their patron. We welcome your thoughts on the Harry and Meghan situation. Please feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below. If you found this video informative, don’t hesitate to like and share it with your friends and family. Be sure to subscribe to our channel, Kate Middleton and the Queen News, for future updates. Thank you for watching, and have a wonderful day. We look forward to seeing you in our next videos.