The question of whether Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s children will receive prince or princess titles remains unanswered, as King Charles has yet to make a decision.

This indecision is causing significant tension between the couple and the royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex fear that their children, Arch and Lilibet, may have their titles stripped away since King Charles has not recognized their elevated status.

While Harry and Meghan continue to voice their concerns about their children’s titles, there are lingering mysteries surrounding their offspring.

Diana Eppers, a Quora user, highlighted these mysteries, starting with the lack of information about who delivered Archie.

Unlike other royal births that have been verified by the delivering doctor, no doctors signed off on Archie’s birth certificate, which was posted at Buckingham Palace.

Similarly, no doctor signed off on Lilibet’s birth.

This raises questions about why Meghan chose not to use the Queen’s doctors, as Catherine, the Princess of Wales, did for all three of her children.

Eppers also noted that there are no records in hospitals around Windsor and Montecito for the dates when Archie and Lilibet were supposedly born.

This absence of records adds to the intrigue surrounding their births.

Additionally, no one in the UK has seen Lilibet, and the OB doctor who claimed to have delivered her abruptly closed down her practice when inquiries were made.

These circumstances raise further questions about the authenticity of the children’s existence.

Another puzzling aspect is the lack of photographic evidence of Meghan, Harry, Archie, and Lilibet together.

In an era where celebrities often share glimpses of their personal lives, the absence of such photos is notable.

Meghan, who is known for her affinity for paparazzi and fame, would seemingly benefit from sharing images of her children.

However, only grainy black and white videos, painted pictures, and photoshopped images of the children have surfaced.

The absence of an honest-to-goodness real photo of the family raises suspicions.

Recent reports from The Times shed light on a conversation between Harry and his father after the Queen’s death.

Charles asked Harry if he wanted his children to use the HRH (his or her royal highness) status.

Harry allegedly replied that he wants his children to decide for themselves when they are older but emphasized that they should retain their titles for now.

Meghan and Harry have used Beatrice and Eugene as examples of non-working royals with HRH titles.

However, it is worth noting that Beatrice and Eugene do not profit from their titles, live in the UK, and had their security detail removed in 2011.

Critics argue that Meghan’s desire for her children to have titles is driven by her intention to leverage them in the event of a divorce and potentially capitalize on their status for financial gain.

It is important to note that titles are not recognized in the US, where Meghan and Harry currently reside.

The debate over whether Arch and Lilibet will receive prince or princess titles continues to fuel tension between Meghan and Harry and the rest of the royal family.

As the couple advocates for their children’s titles, the mysteries surrounding their births and the absence of photographic evidence raise further questions about their authenticity.

The outcome of this ongoing discussion remains uncertain, but it is clear that the issue has become a point of contention within the royal family.