The Duchess of York is being welcomed back into the royal family by King Charles, according to an expert.

During Sarah Ferguson’s most recent installment of her podcast “Tea Talks with the Duchess & Sarah”, she revealed that her granddaughter Sienna had explored the new adventure playground in Windsor that was the brainchild of the monarch when he was the Prince of Wales.

According to OK!, Fergie, who is the former wife of Prince Andrew, said she had written to her former brother-in-law to praise him for his passion about the environment.

She said: “I had some pictures made up into a card and wrote to the King and I said your vision was the greatest success ever and it was Sienna’s favorite thing ever.

I just love that idea that really a two-year-old has gone out into the world and said ‘you are on the right track’… all his climate change talk, all his vision, all his wishes and now it’s all coming to fruition,” the Express reports.

Sarah, who is currently on a road to recovery after undergoing breast cancer surgery, added: “People are beginning to realize what an incredible force he’s been to fight for nature.” King Charles invited the duchess to spend Christmas with the royal family last year for the first time in several years.

Now former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond believes a lot of things have changed for Fergie in terms of the royal family since Prince Philip’s death.

She claims that the Queen’s late husband found it “difficult” even to be in the same room as her, “after all the shame she had brought on the family, but the Queen was always more conciliatory”.

She added: “And now King Charles is showing that he accepts her as part of the family and has started including her in family occasions. And that is good to see.”

The expert told OK!: “I always thought it was hard to watch the girls at big family gatherings or public events without their mother alongside.