In the midst of a sensational clash, Sarah Ferguson has leveled accusations at Meghan Markle, claiming that Meghan has copied Diana’s attire from the divorce era as a ploy to evoke sympathy following her separation from Prince Harry.
The situation erupted after a series of staged photographs featuring Meghan in unconventional ensembles made their rounds in the media. Sarah Ferguson asserts that Meghan is attempting to emulate Diana’s wardrobe choices after her split from Prince Charles, suggesting that Meghan is seeking public empathy following her separation from Harry and the royal household.

However, the intended effect seems to have backfired, as Meghan has encountered consistent criticism for her perceived unkempt and unattractive clothing choices. Despite her frequent acclaim for her fashion sense and status as one of the world’s best-dressed women, one perplexing aspect of Meghan Markle’s style continues to raise eyebrows: her propensity to don a cozy coat regardless of the weather.

Just recently, during an outing in Montecito, The Duchess of Sussex opted for a $1300 Max Mara wool coat despite the warm climate. Female celebrity stylist Miranda Holder suggests that Meghan’s choice of coats may contribute to a more polished appearance, likening them to a security blanket that she uses to shield herself.

In this evolving saga, Sarah, a friend of Diana’s, has lambasted Meghan for allegedly mimicking Diana’s iconic fashion choices in pursuit of fame. Princess Diana’s enduring influence on fashion trends is still felt today, and Meghan’s occasional nods to her late mother-in-law’s style have ignited extensive debates on social media. The parallel aspects of both Diana and Meghan’s fashion choices are hardly surprising, given Diana’s profound impact on style over the decades.

Taking the tributes a step further, Meghan, who is often likened to the current Princess of Wales, displays an explicit devotion to honoring Diana through her wardrobe choices. Moreover, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have embarked on a new business endeavor by adapting a bestselling novel, “Meet Me at the Lake” by Carly’s Fortune, into a movie. The novel delves into themes of childhood trauma, loss, mental health, and postnatal depression. While comparisons have been drawn between the novel’s themes and the Sussexes’ personal experiences, some have also noted parallels between the story’s fatal accident and the tragic circumstances of Princess Diana’s demise in 1997.

Sarah contends that the couple has capitalized on Diana’s legacy to bolster their own public image, a strategy she believes has been in play since Harry and Meghan’s relationship began in 2016. Sarah suggests that Meghan’s actions are calculated to attract attention and provoke controversy, while Harry’s behavior, according to her, has been less than admirable, further straining his relationship with his brother, Prince William, and the rest of the family.

Adding a different perspective, Victoria Hervey, Prince Andrew’s former partner, has warned Prince Harry that Meghan Markle’s marriage could unfold like a soap opera. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s confrontational stance against the royal family has triggered significant backlash from both royal enthusiasts and family members alike.