Meghan Markle’s intentions regarding her stay in England have come under scrutiny, shedding light on her strategic planning. According to royal biographer Tom Bauer, Meghan’s marriage to Prince Harry was never intended to tie her to England indefinitely.

The claims arise two years after the couple’s wedding at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, a ceremony that captured global attention. Subsequently, the Sussexes relinquished their royal duties and made a significant move to Montecito, California – a haven for Hollywood’s elite.

The narrative surrounding their departure from the UK centered on a desire for respite from relentless media scrutiny. However, this narrative took an unexpected twist as the couple embraced media ventures that further thrust them into the spotlight. This irony is not lost on Bauer, whose book ‘Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors’ delves into these dynamics.

Bauer emphasizes that Meghan’s intentions were always tied to leveraging her royal status for Hollywood ambitions. He asserts that her networking approach was evident in the guest list for their Windsor wedding. While traditional friends were notably absent, prominent Hollywood figures like Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney took center stage. The biographer posits that Meghan’s agenda leaned towards enhancing her career, and her subsequent actions align with this strategy.

Moving beyond the surface of the “Megxit” decision, the Sussexes have encountered various challenges since establishing themselves in Hollywood. Notably, their absence from a high-profile BAFTA event and Oprah Winfrey’s birthday celebration sparked speculations of potential Hollywood distancing. This disconnect gained further attention when the couple became subjects of a satirical episode on South Park, highlighting their pursuit of privacy amidst tell-all endeavors.