Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding Archie’s birth, it has been revealed why Meghan Markle is no longer welcome in her husband’s homeland.

A tabloid report unveiled that the Duchess of Sussex openly accused her in-laws of tampering with Archie’s public birth records, leading to a family crisis.

Sources close to the royal family have disclosed that King Charles received multiple letters expressing concerns about the surrogacy issues surrounding the births of Archie and Lilibet.

These letters cast doubt on whether Meghan Markle actually gave birth to the children, fueling rumors of surrogacy.

The ban imposed by the monarch came after Meghan Markle claimed that the royals insisted on removing her given name, Rachel Meghan, from Archie’s birth certificate, replacing it with her title, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex.

This change was made without the knowledge or consent of Meghan or Prince Harry, causing a media frenzy.

Speculations arose, suggesting that the alteration was a snub to Princess Catherine, whose name appears on all three of the children’s birth certificates.

Others believed it was a deliberate effort by Meghan to distance herself from her past life before joining the royal family.

Buckingham Palace released a statement explaining that the change was made by Meghan’s office to ensure consistency in her name and title as the Duchess of Sussex across various private documents.

However, this explanation has left many puzzled.

Why would Meghan’s office need to modify her name on her son’s birth certificate?

Only Meghan and her team can provide an answer.

Nevertheless, this change has only intensified the speculation and intrigue surrounding the rumor of Archie’s surrogate.

It appears that King Charles is executing a carefully planned strategy, leaving Harry and Meghan seemingly powerless to prevent it.

The removal of titles and recognition for Archie and Lilibet is believed to be part of a phased approach to streamline the monarchy, an agenda that King Charles has long supported.

The recent eviction from Frogmore Cottage is not solely the decision of the King but a result of several factors.

Harry and Meghan’s behavior in their Netflix series raised security concerns, making their continued residence at Frogmore problematic.

King Charles had no choice but to act in the best interests of the monarchy.

Before his return to the UK, Harry reportedly sent a confidential note to his father, King Charles, in an attempt to clarify his position.

The Duke of Sussex penned a personal letter to explain himself after the relationship between him and the royal family reached rock bottom following his departure and subsequent interviews.

The Royal family was deeply hurt by Harry’s allegations during his tell-all conversation with US TV host Oprah Winfrey earlier this year.

In the letter, Harry outlined his reasons for leaving while promising to respect the institution, according to sources.

During the interview, Harry also claimed that his father and brother were trapped within the institution and unable to leave if they desired.

These shocking claims left Charles and William outraged.

It is said that Harry felt compelled to write the letters due to a complete breakdown in communication.

The Mirror reported that the letter aimed to express Harry’s intentions for leaving while reassuring his father of his loyalty to the monarchy.

In truth, Harry was uncertain about what to expect upon his return, which is why he reached out before meeting anyone, as stated by a source.

There was an unspoken agreement within the family to set aside any grievances and focus solely on supporting the Queen ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral, given the emotional circumstances for everyone involved.

As the saga unfolds, the question of Meghan’s banishment from the UK remains at the forefront.

The doubts surrounding Archie’s birth and the alleged surrogacy continue to fuel speculation, while King Charles implements his strategic plan to streamline the monarchy.

The repercussions of Harry and Meghan’s actions, including their Netflix series and controversial interviews, have left the royal family deeply hurt and seeking resolution amidst a breakdown in communication.