It’s only natural that all families get annoyed with each other from time to time. But the royal family’s dramas are a whole other beast entirely (you know, what with stepping down from royal duties, scathing memoirs, and evictions from Frogmore Cottage). Still, even the smaller things can get under the king’s skin. (Although, royal annoyances include things like court battles, not leaving up the toilet seat).

Just days after outlets reported that King Charles and Prince William have bonded over the Harry drama, another source alleges that the two actually find the former royal’s trials “massively irritating.” (Think of it as your aunts gossiping about another family member at Thanksgiving.)

Harry is currently embroiled in a number of lawsuits filed against British tabloids over privacy and libel issues. While the family understands that he is his own person with free will, they’re not too happy with the fact that the lawsuits allude to things about the family as a whole.

Everyone in the family completely accepts that Harry is a private citizen and can do what he likes without reference to the family,” a friend of the family told The Daily Beast. “That doesn’t mean they have to like it. Of course they are massively irritated by the prospect of more blockbuster Harry trials but they have been expecting it; There is also the defamation case against the Mail, don’t forget. Their goal is just to keep plugging away and not get distracted by any of it.”

As for the king and his eldest son’s relationship? “It’s been quite the ordeal for them,” royal expert Christopher Andersen recently told Us Weekly. “They’ve come out of that with a stronger bond. They’ve been insulted by members of their own family. It’s been quite the ordeal for them, and I think that they kind of circled the wagon, so to speak.”