Serena Williams, the 23-time Grand Slam winner, recently hosted a gender reveal party for her second child with husband Alexis Ohanian.

However, one notable absence from the celebration was Megan Markle, and according to Royal Biographer Angela Levin, this indicates that Serena has discovered the true nature of Megan.

The event was attended by Serena’s elder sister, Venus, their father Richard, stepmother Lakeisha, and mother Orosini Price.

Megan and Prince Harry were noticeably absent, leading Levin to suggest that Serena has realized Megan’s self-centered tendencies.

Levin stated in an interview with GB News, “Megan only thought about herself and used others to climb up the social ladder.

I think Serena Williams has found out that she’s a taker rather than a giver.”

Levin also highlighted Megan’s absence at Wimbledon this year, contrasting it with the attendance of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

According to Levin, if Serena observed the behavior and contributions of our own royal family, she would realize that Megan isn’t quite right.

It is worth noting that last year, Serena appeared on Megan’s podcast and discussed her career extensively.

However, a Redditor recently pointed out that the conversation took place in Canada after Megan and Harry left the UK.

Since then, there has been little evidence of Serena supporting Megan, apart from their joint venture, BetterUpWithHarry, which occurred 18 months ago.

It seems that the recording with Serena was merely a sample episode to pitch the podcast idea to Spotify and secure a deal.

On another note, a blind item suggests that Megan was not invited to Serena’s baby shower due to her past flirting with Serena’s husband, Alexis Ohanian.

Allegedly, Megan made advances towards him during a two-day trip to New York in September 2019 to support Serena at the US Open Championship.

According to a source, Megan was seen hugging up on Alexis and flirting with him, which caused Serena’s mother to ignore her throughout the event.

The incident was considered unprofessional, especially considering Megan’s role as a representative of the royal family at the time.

It is evident that Serena’s mother holds a grudge against Megan, which likely contributed to her exclusion from the baby shower.

Megan attempted to capture some positive publicity shots with Orsini, who paid her no attention.

This further fueled speculation that Megan’s past behavior towards Serena’s husband was a significant factor in her absence from the celebration.

In conclusion, Serena Williams’ recent gender reveal party shed light on the strained relationship between Serena and Megan Markle.

While Megan’s absence may be attributed to her self-centered tendencies and past flirting with Alexis Ohanian, it is clear that Serena’s mother played a significant role in excluding her from the baby shower.

As this story unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Serena and Megan can reconcile their differences and rebuild their friendship.