I am happier now. Meghan’s behavior took a tumultuous turn as Harry dropped hints about the state of their marriage during a charity speech in Japan. Insider sources have confirmed that indeed, Harry is distancing himself from Meghan in California.
The marriage appears to have crumbled, and it seems Harry can no longer tolerate his wife’s company. It’s clear that he was seeking a reason to escape. The timeline of his return remains uncertain. Currently in Japan, Harry’s demeanor and image seem to differ from when he is with Meghan.

Notably, Harry left a trail of signals throughout his trip, indicating a potential rift in their relationship. Many interpret this as a message from Harry to the media that he may be on a new path towards healing himself.

Video footage captured Prince Harry’s arrival in Tokyo on August 8th, where he was greeted by enthusiastic crowds at Haneda Airport. Observers couldn’t help but notice the marked contrast in Harry’s demeanor without his wife Meghan Markle by his side. Fans expressed their views across various online platforms, with some noting how much happier and relaxed he appeared without her presence. The consensus seemed to be that he was enjoying his solitude.

Interestingly, during the trip, Prince Harry openly spoke about a place where he would happily reside, and it wasn’t anywhere near Meghan. While in Tokyo for an event hosted by the International Sports Promotion Society, Harry expressed his admiration for Japanese culture. He stated, ‘Your warmth, your compassion, your generosity—every single element of the Japanese culture is really unique and very, very special. I noticed it on my first visit four years ago when I came for the Rugby World Cup, and I’d happily live here forever if you’d have me.’

Furthermore, Harry touched upon his personal journey of healing in anticipation of the upcoming Invictus Games in September. Addressing the participants, he conveyed, ‘You’re all on different paths of your healing journey—we all are, and we always will be.’ He encouraged them to embrace nervousness as a positive factor, acknowledging that sports serve as a conduit for healing not only for the body and mind but for the world at large.

The panel for the event featured a diverse array of individuals, including Argentine Polo player Nacho Figueras, Dr. Haru Shahanda of SPS Honda, Sophie Chanduka, Dan Carter, Professor Wim de Villiers of Stellenbosch University, and Steve Jones, a Royal Australian Navy veteran and Invictus Games gold medalist. Through these interactions and insights, Prince Harry’s evolving path and his potential redirection in life are becoming increasingly apparent.