Working royals carry out more than 3,000 engagements annually but none work harder than one family member who doesn’t garner a ton of headlines for it and that’s Princess Anne. Now a former royal employee who worked in the royal household for decades believes that King Charles III‘s “long-suffering” sister may finally be getting the recognition she deserves.

Here’s more on that, plus how Anne puts other members of the Firm to shame with the number of engagements she completes.

Princess Anne has consistently been named the hardest-working royal nearly every year. In 2022, she carried out 214 engagements more than her youngest brother Prince Edward and his wife Sophie who completed 143 royal engagements, and Prince William who completed 138. The Princess Royal even carried out more engagements than the king who attended 181 royal outings such as charity events, award ceremonies, memorials, and luncheons.

Paul Burrell, who worked as Queen Elizabeth II’s personal footman until he was moved to Charles and Princess Diana’s household in 1987, explained that Anne is finally being recognized for her hard work.

Speaking on behalf of Spin Genie Burrell said: “At last, she’s being recognized for all the hard work that she does. In fact, she probably works harder than the king himself and she’s never had any recognition before. Now the king is letting her step up to the plate and is saying ‘This is my sister who is long-suffering and hard-working and nobody ever says thank you.’”