The Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrated Meghan’s 42nd birthday with a night out at a chic Italian restaurant in Montecito, where they were joined by a close friend.

Every time Meghan Markle celebrates a birthday, the subject of her actual age is brought up once more. Officially listed as 41 years old, conspiracy theorists still insist she’s much older than she portrays in public.

According to information she provided to Seventeen magazine in early 1997, she was 21 at that time, as her entry in a contest sponsored by the magazine garnered an honorable mention, and her info was published in their March 1997 issue as “Meghan Markle, 21, Los Angeles.”

Recently, Meghan Markle’s graduation photo went viral on social media because of the year on her tassel. The photo shows “95” on her graduation cap, leading some conspiracy theorists to believe she was 18 years old in that photo, making her 46 years old now. People continue to speculate that she’s lying about her age to appear not much older than her 38-year-old husband, Prince Harry.

She admitted to a judge last year that she was 44, which should have meant she turned 45. Some sources have suggested her age to be 41. There are conflicting claims and rumors about her age.

In other news, a former close pal of Meghan Markle, British media personality Lizzie Cundy, has criticized the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new Archewell video and advised them to move on with their lives. Cundy met Meghan when she first traveled to the United Kingdom but was “ghosted” when Meghan became engaged to Prince Harry in 2017.

Cundy believes the latest charity work with Archewell is a publicity stunt, though she appreciates their efforts to help the youth. She questions why they needed to make the phone calls with a camera crew and encourages them to live a genuine life without the court cases, trashing the royal family, and staged photo shoots.

The new video released by the Sussexes shows them calling up recipients of new grants from Archewell to fight online abuse. This was their first joint appearance since the alleged car chase with paparazzi that followed the disastrous Ms Foundation gala.