Meghan Markle’s Hollywood Prospects Falter as WME Deal Faces Uncertainty. Meghan Markle’s career in Hollywood seems to be facing challenges as her three-month tenure with talent agency WME (William Morris Endeavor) has yielded zero bookings. Despite initial speculations and rumors of big projects, the former actress is yet to secure a major deal.
PR expert Kieran Ellsby has noted that the absence of new opportunities after three months is concerning, as it is typically expected for a new client to secure deals in a shorter timeframe. The public’s response to Meghan’s reputation and divisive behavior may be affecting her career prospects, with some doubting her suitability for major brand endorsements or roles in the entertainment industry.

Earlier hopes of securing a high-profile role, such as becoming the face of Dior or starring in a remake of “The Bodyguard,” have not materialized, leaving her career aspirations uncertain. Furthermore, recent reports suggest that her contract with WME might be in jeopardy following a dispute over failed Emmy Award negotiations.

Despite attempts at rebranding, Meghan and Prince Harry’s efforts have been met with disdain in Hollywood, with little public support or recognition. This situation has led to questions about Meghan’s next steps and the viability of her career in the entertainment world.

While it is possible that Meghan is still in the early stages of developing projects and prefers to keep them under wraps until they are ready, the absence of major deals and industry support is a clear indication that challenges lie ahead for the Duchess.

As Hollywood continues to weigh its association with Meghan amidst mixed public opinions, the question remains whether she can overcome her current predicament and secure significant opportunities in the entertainment industry.