Lady Colin Campbell, a royal biographer, claimed on her podcast that Meghan Markle had tried to hide Archie’s true birth certificate from the public. She said that Markle had asked for the birth certificate to be sealed, and that the request had been granted.

Campbell’s claim was based on an unnamed source, and there is no evidence to support it. The Royal Family has not commented on the claim.

It is important to note that birth certificates are generally considered to be private documents, and there is no legal requirement for them to be made public. However, in some cases, birth certificates may be released to the public if there is a legitimate public interest in doing so.In the case of Archie’s birth certificate, it is not clear whether there is a legitimate public interest in releasing it. Some people may argue that the public has a right to know the full details of Archie’s birth, while others may argue that his privacy should be respected.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to release Archie’s birth certificate is a matter for the Royal Family. If they decide to release it, they will likely do so in a way that protects Archie’s privacy.