According to the nanny, she was unable to reach Meg or her husband, and she feared for the child’s safety. She called the biological mother, who then contacted the police.

The police arrived at Meg’s home and took the child into protective custody. The biological mother has since filed a petition for custody of the child.
In a statement, Meg’s lawyer said that the actress is “devastated” by the turn of events. “Meg loves her son very much and she is doing everything she can to get him back,” the lawyer said.

The biological mother has accused Meg of being an unfit mother. She claims that Meg is neglectful and that she has a history of substance abuse.

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Meg has denied the allegations, saying that she is a loving and caring mother. She says that she has never been involved in drugs or alcohol, and that she has always put her son’s needs first.

The case is currently in court. A hearing is scheduled for next week.

In a separate development, it has been revealed that Meg had plans to send her son to Jamaica after the nanny emergency call. According to a source close to the family, Meg had already booked a flight for the child and was planning to send him to live with her relatives in Jamaica.

The source said that Meg’s plan was to send the child to Jamaica so that she could have more time to herself. The source also said that Meg was concerned about the negative publicity that she was receiving in the wake of the nanny emergency call.

Meg’s plan to send her son to Jamaica has been met with widespread criticism. Many people have accused Meg of being a heartless mother who is only interested in her own selfish needs.

Meg has not yet commented on the allegations that she was planning to send her son to Jamaica.