Amid the celebrations for Camilla’s 76th birthday, tensions within the Royal Family are evident as Meghan Markle finds herself excluded from the festivities. Camilla’s stepson, Prince William, and the Princess of Wales publicly extended their well-wishes on social media, but Prince Harry and Meghan remained silent, refraining from sending any public birthday greetings.
This snub comes after a previous incident where the Royal Family declined to wish Princess Liberty a happy birthday in June.

The strained relationship between Prince Harry and his father, King Charles, has been a subject of speculation for some time. Royal expert Christopher Anderson suggested that Camilla might have played a role in causing a rift between father and son.

According to Anderson, Prince Harry portrayed Camilla as a villain in his book “Spare” and spoke about the arrangements she had with British tabloids to exchange information. As a result, King Charles seemingly took Camilla’s side, hindering any attempt at reconciliation with Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, Westminster Abbey, in a noteworthy gesture, celebrated Camilla’s birthday by ringing its bells for the first time since 2019.

The historic church wished the Queen Consort a very happy birthday and plans to do the same for other Royal birthdays and the first anniversary of the Queen’s passing.

As tensions persist, the dynamics within the Royal Family remain intricate, and the divide between Prince Harry and King Charles continues to raise eyebrows. The reasons behind their strained relationship remain multifaceted, with Camilla’s perceived involvement adding to the complexity of the situation.