Recent reports indicate that Prince Harry’s living arrangements have changed, with claims of him residing in a predominantly gay resort hotel in West Hollywood after being kicked out of the BetterUp house in San Francisco by Alexi Robishaw.
These developments come amidst speculation about the couple’s financial struggles and potential sale of their Montecito mansion due to mortgage payment difficulties.

According to Page Six, there are rumors suggesting that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be facing marital troubles, with speculation swirling about the state of their relationship. One insider claimed that they might have already sold their Montecito mansion, and Harry has been living separately from Meghan and their children, Archie and Lilibet. Reports further indicate that the couple had been trying to sell their home for the past year due to financial constraints.

While Meghan temporarily moved into a rented cottage on Oprah’s estate, Prince Harry has reportedly been residing in various hotels and motels. Notably, Harry was evicted from the San Francisco townhouse after his association with BetterUp did not work out as anticipated. Despite these reported living arrangements, there have been no recent sightings of Meghan or Harry with their children, raising questions about their well-being.

Meghan Markle has also made headlines by allegedly disregarding rules in her Montecito community. She was spotted at a local farmers market with her dog, despite dogs being prohibited at such venues. Critics claim that this highlights Meghan’s sense of entitlement and disregard for rules.

The couple has faced recent setbacks, such as being snubbed by the Emmys and losing their Spotify deal. Additionally, they have reportedly been shunned by Joe Biden. These challenges, coupled with ongoing rumors and the couple’s reported financial struggles, have led to uncertainty about their future.

As the Sussexes navigate through these tumultuous times, questions remain about the well-being of their children and how they are coping with the changes in their parents’ lives. The couple’s actions and decisions continue to draw public attention and speculation as they carve out their new path outside the British royal family.