This exclusive club, the San Vicente Bungalows in Hollywood, is renowned for its no-media policy and hidden entrance, attracting many celebrity and entertainment moguls. According to LA-based socialite Lady Victoria Hervey, the club was not pleased with the constant paparazzi attention that the Sussexes brought along with them.
It seems that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have faced consequences for their paparazzi-related actions near their home in Montecito, California. Lady Victoria Hervey shared with GB News that she heard from people in LA that the couple got barred from the club. Reportedly, Meghan took paparazzi to the private club and attempted to photograph a member of the royal family’s child inside their own home, an action deemed unacceptable by many.

This club is known to be a private and secure place, even frequented by Michelle and Barack Obama when visiting their daughter. However, photos have surfaced of Harry attending a welcome party in a Hollywood-style meet and greet, similar to those held for celebrities like David Beckham in the past. Jennifer Aniston and DeGeneres were also seen trying to be warm and inclusive towards the couple. But if Megan exploited Jennifer’s kindness and upset her, it seems she may have breached the privacy and trust of many others as well.

Interestingly, despite Harry’s previous talk about being traumatized by the paparazzi, he has been spotted seemingly content to be photographed on certain occasions, even during private date nights. Such behavior contradicts his previous stance on paparazzi intrusion.

The incident at the San Vicente Bungalows has left a member who invited Harry and Meghan with regrets and embarrassment. Megan’s actions seem to have caused rifts and violated friendships across the country, considering her background of living and working in LA and Hollywood.

Harry and Meghan’s reputation has suffered due to several controversial incidents, and it seems that they are not adept at handling such situations. However, some people find this lack of tact and sensitivity entertaining.

Harry appears to have a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi. While he dislikes ordinary people commenting on articles and criticizing him, he doesn’t shy away from benefiting from staged photo opportunities when it suits him. He might blame the paparazzi for his mother Diana’s death, but the laws surrounding them have changed since then, and he must be aware of that fact.

If Harry and Meghan continue to stage paparazzi pictures, it will only emphasize their hypocrisy. They recently staged a questionable back grid car chase, which drew comparisons to Diana’s tragic accident, raising concerns and skepticism from the media and the public.

The media’s apprehension towards them might be due to their perceived attempts at emotional blackmail through staged paparazzi shots. These actions have led to mockery and diminished their popularity, especially when their demands were scoffed at by backrid’s lawyers and authorities.

It seems that the public has seen through their tactics, and despite Meghan’s return to colluding with the paparazzi, their popularity has not improved. With all this in mind, it’s evident that their actions and behaviors are drawing more attention than they bargained for.

After being involved in a car chase that put Archie, Lily, and their grandmother at risk, Meghan decided not to attend the coronation to protect her peace from media security. However, she quickly organized staged paparazzi shots with back grid during that time. Recently, there was an obviously staged photoshoot with Jill and the sponsored poop bash, showing Meghan’s fondness for the paparazzi. Harry seems fine with it, as sponsorship deals from such shots bring in money and memories of his father that he has monetized and merged.

I suppose Meghan might have realized that they wouldn’t be invited to become members, so she might have decided to burn bridges on her way out. She had this pretentious idea that their membership applications would be fast-tracked because of their royalty, and their meals would be comped due to the exposure they were providing to the club.

It sounds so ridiculous, doesn’t it? Meghan never achieved C-list status in Hollywood; her biggest role was a supporting part on a small cable network show filmed in Toronto. She lived in Toronto for ten years and was never part of Hollywood’s A or B-list social circles. It took marrying a prince for her to get an invite to such places, and she can’t seem to grasp that others wouldn’t be as thrilled about attention and press as she is.

Meghan’s constant need for attention and her belief that she’s above the law due to her title and position are evident. She seems to think that marrying a prince makes her better than others, regardless of race or background. However, the truth is that she hasn’t contributed anything significant to the world. Instead, she has caused controversies and debased her image.

Regarding Harry and Meghan being banned from a private members club near their home in Montecito, it’s not surprising given their paparazzi-related actions and controversies. The club seems to have taken a stand against their behavior, and the public’s opinion might be divided on this matter.