Prince Harry’s controversial memoir, “Spare,” which was released just six months ago, has taken an unexpected turn as it now tops the charts for the most returned book ever. Initially, the book flew off the shelves, becoming an instant bestseller with over 1.4 million copies sold on its first day, catapulting it to the top of Amazon’s book list. However, the public’s interest in the memoir appears to have rapidly waned.
During the holiday season, vacation hotspots across Spain, Turkey, and Greece have been flooded with abandoned copies of the memoir. Holidaymakers have been seen leaving the book poolside, shelving it in hotel receptions and rooms, and even tossing it into beachside bins. The situation has become so overwhelming that Lost Property offices in popular resorts are now brimming with copies of “Spare,” and hotels are struggling to find ways to dispose of them. Local bookstores and libraries have even refused to take them.

One hotel’s Chief Customer Officer expressed frustration at the sheer volume of copies they’ve had to deal with, stating that they’ve never witnessed anything like it before. The situation has become so dire that they are asking hotels to stop sending the books back, fearing they will be stuck with an endless supply.

Adding to the book’s troubles, it has been subjected to ridicule and parodies. Author Bruno Vincent wrote a satirical version titled “Sparrows are Herety,” which humorously pokes fun at Prince Harry and his memoir’s numerous claims.

Amidst the turmoil surrounding the book, there are rumors that Meghan Markle might return to acting. Reports suggest she could take on the lead role in the sequel to the legendary Hollywood movie “The Bodyguard,” a role that was once linked to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. The idea has been pitched by Kevin Costner, who starred alongside Whitney Houston in the original film.

Despite the initial success of Prince Harry’s memoir, it appears that the story has taken an unexpected turn, leaving Meghan Markle shocked and the Sussexes’ reputation somewhat tarnished. Whether the book will be able to recover from this setback remains to be seen.”