Meghan Markle was taken aback when Prince William officially cut off all remaining connections between the Sussexes and the royal family.
This action came as King Charles ascended the throne, while Prince William, now holding more power, prepared himself for his future role as King. The decision marked the end of any links the Sussexes had with the crown, resulting in their loss of royal status and the prestigious Duke title.

Experts believe that Prince Harry, in particular, has been deeply affected by this move, as it completely severs the last few remaining ties he had with the royal family. Royal expert Matt Wilkinson has even made accusatory claims against Harry, highlighting his unfaithfulness to the family.

Wilkinson remarked on the absence of William and Harry appearing together at the Diana award ceremony, where Harry chose to attend his friend’s wedding instead. He suggested that this absence symbolized Harry cutting off ties with his life in the UK. Wilkinson went further to say, “They’ve got nowhere to live, so where would they be? The Premier Inn around the corner, because they don’t have a base here in the UK. And they’re worried about security.”

These accusations come in the wake of comments made by Royal historian Gareth Russell, who expressed his observations on the matter. Russell stated that, for now, the Sussexes show little interest in returning to the UK unless it is for legal or royal court appearances. He further noted that Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, would never return to the UK once his estranged brother, who is the heir to the throne, becomes king due to their strained relations.

The future king, Prince William, reportedly holds strong anger towards Prince Harry for his interview revelations and the Netflix documentary. These revelations exposed aspects of the royal family, as well as his upcoming memoir. Despite their differences, Harry and William both attended the Diana Awards ceremony, an organization that honors their late mother’s charitable legacy. However, they did not meet in person.

William delivered a pre-recorded message at the beginning of the virtual ceremony, applauding the winners and highlighting the power of young people to inspire meaningful change. He emphasized the importance of organizations like the Diana Award. Later in the ceremony, Harry conducted an interview with a recipient of the 2021 Diana and Legacy award and introduced some of the winners.

Although they joined the event separately, their shared belief in the transformative power of young people was evident. Harry acknowledged his mother’s profound belief in the ability of young individuals to challenge the status quo and advocate for a more inclusive and compassionate society. He regarded her legacy as an inspiration and an example of tackling the complexities of our world today.

Last month, Harry engaged in conversations for change alongside Tessie Ojo, the CEO of the Diana Award, during a meeting with young people in Los Angeles. It was the first time one of the charity’s “Conversations for Change” gatherings took place outside the UK.

The last time the two brothers met in person was during the coronation of King Charles III, where Harry attended alone while Meghan Markle remained in California with their children. Despite their current strained relationship, both princes continue to honor their mother’s memory and her dedication to making a positive impact through charitable endeavors.