Despite the immense popularity of their Netflix documentary series, “Harry and Megan,” it failed to secure any Emmy nominations. And to make matters worse, Jimmy Kimmel has exposed Meghan’s hypocritical behavior.
The highly anticipated documentary series, “Harry and Megan,” directed by Liz Garbus, surprisingly missed out on Emmy nominations.

This is quite unexpected, considering the tremendous success it achieved on Netflix, becoming one of the most-watched documentary shows on the platform. However, the scrutiny from the British media may have played a role in the Emmy snub.

It’s worth noting that while the documentary didn’t receive Emmy recognition, it did receive a nomination for the Hollywood Critics Association award in the category of Best Streaming Non-Fiction Series. This acknowledgment provides some consolation to the production team. Nevertheless, the response on social media has been mixed, with some commentators dismissing the series as more fiction than non-fiction and criticizing Prince Harry and Meghan as constant complainers.

The release of the documentary on Netflix in December stirred controversy in the UK, particularly due to Prince Harry’s candid remarks about the royal family. In one episode, he boldly addressed the issue of unconscious bias within his own family, highlighting it as a systemic problem rather than an individual failing. He stressed the need for education, awareness, and ongoing efforts to address such biases.

Prince Harry also revealed that when his relationship with Meghan became public, the palace instructed them to ignore the media’s focus on Meghan’s biracial background. He shed light on the fact that some family members saw the challenges faced by Meghan as a mere rite of passage, questioning why she should receive such treatment. Prince Harry emphasized the significance of the racial element in their experiences.

On the other hand, Meghan expressed frustration with the negative stories from the press, accusing them of manufacturing narratives. Her remarks about media bias and unfair treatment received both support and criticism, with many questioning her own actions and claims.

Adding to the blows faced by Harry and Meghan’s documentary series is talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. Known for his sharp wit and no-nonsense approach, Kimmel’s comments regarding Meghan’s “mask off” have yet to be fully revealed, but they have struck a chord and added fuel to the controversy surrounding the couple.