Speculations arise regarding Prince Harry’s future plans, as insiders predict that the Duke of Sussex may never set foot in the UK once Prince William assumes the throne. Since stepping down from their royal roles and relocating to the United States, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have made only a few visits to their home country.
A royal insider suggests that these visits may become even more infrequent when Prince William ascends to the throne, citing the expectation that Prince Harry will choose to remain in the United States permanently. The recent celebration of the 4th of July in Montecito, California, further indicates Prince Harry’s growing attachment to his new home.

Amidst negative headlines surrounding the Sussexes, such as their multimillion-dollar deal with Spotify and rumors of marriage troubles, some observers express sympathy towards the couple. There are even speculations about what Prince Harry’s future would hold in the event of a potential divorce from Meghan Markle.

However, royal commentator and author Petronella White dismisses the possibility of Prince Harry returning to the UK under such circumstances. She highlights custody laws in the United States and the strained relationship between Prince Harry and his father, the Prince of Wales, as factors contributing to this decision.

White asserts that Prince Harry has no intention of returning to England, as he has severed ties and burned bridges. Additionally, considering that his children hold American citizenship, questions arise regarding their guardianship and the implications of US laws. The strained relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William further fuels doubts about a potential reconciliation in the future.

Reports indicate that the animosity between the two brothers has reached its peak. William allegedly remains deeply hurt by comments made by Harry in interviews, as well as in the Netflix documentary produced by the Sussexes. Moreover, allegations made by Harry in his memoir, “Spear,” have exacerbated the rift. Sources close to the situation reveal that William feels betrayed and holds resentment towards Harry for his actions, expressing a preference for his brother to never return to England again.

While uncertainties persist, it seems increasingly unlikely that Prince Harry will resume a significant presence in the UK as long as Prince William assumes the role of King.