Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir has sparked a storm of controversy, leaving his friends feeling hurt and disgusted by the revelations he has made since departing from the royal family.
According to royal editor Rebecca English, the fallout from Harry’s former friends has been extensive, as they believe their loyalty has not been reciprocated. This shift in dynamics is a stark contrast to the once close-knit circle of friends that Harry and his brother Prince William shared.

The recent absence of Harry at the wedding of one of his closest friends, Jack Munn, further fuels speculation about strained relationships caused by the memoir.

The aftermath of Harry’s book release raises questions about the impact of his revelations on his friendships and the extent of the damage caused.

Rebecca English cites that many of Harry’s former friends are genuinely disgusted by his actions since stepping away from the royal family. They feel hurt and betrayed by the revelations he has made in his memoir. The level of disillusionment they feel suggests that the loyalty they once showed him over the years remains unrequited.

The depth of their disappointment raises concerns about the long-term impact on their relationships and the trust they once shared.

The close bond between Harry and William, along with the circle of friends they cultivated during their formative years, has undergone significant changes. The once tight-knit group, bound by an unspoken code of loyalty, now appears fractured.

The suggestion of an “omertà” between the brothers and their friends implies a deep trust and understanding that may have been damaged by Harry’s recent actions. Friends who have been loyal to him in the past now question whether their commitment has been met with reciprocation.

Furthermore, Prince Harry’s absence at Jack Munn’s wedding, one of his closest friends, raises further speculation about strained relationships. A photograph featured in the Netflix documentaries about Harry and Meghan showcased a black and white image of Harry with six of his closest friends on the night of his own wedding to Meghan in 2018.

However, the recent exclusion of Harry from Munn’s wedding suggests a potential estrangement or rift. This absence hints at the damage caused to old friendships by the revelations in Harry’s memoir.

Richard Eden, Daily Mail’s diary editor, asserts that Harry’s memoir has significantly damaged his old relationships. In the memoir’s conclusion, Harry mentions being chastised by some of his closest friends after his controversial interview.

This revelation further highlights the strain in these friendships and the extent to which Harry’s actions have impacted those who were once his most trusted confidants.