The US public is set to increasingly lose interest in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a commentator believes.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should be “completely cut off” by the Royal Family, a commentator has claimed. Discussing how King Charles should respond to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the wake of their claims and criticism against the Firm and its members, Nile Gardiner, the former aide to late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and a foreign policy expert wrote on Twitter: ”

The best response for the King/Royal Family is to completely cut Meghan/Harry off. Deny them any association with [the] British monarchy, have them stripped of their titles, and ensure they are isolated voices in exile in California. The US will increasingly lose interest in them too.”

This comes after the release of the Duke’s memoir titled Spare, which included a number of damaging allegations against Prince William and Queen Camilla in particular, and a month after the debut on Netflix of the six-part docu-series focused on Harry and Meghan’s romance. and struggles with the firm and the press.