I was shocked when I discovered that Meghan had lied about being pregnant, and from there, a scenario of miscarriage emerged.
I find it hard to believe the theory that they have no children. What possible motivation would they have to fabricate children? While I don’t doubt the possibility of a surrogate, as it is quite common nowadays, there are many who believe that their children do not actually exist. It’s strange that we rarely see them together as a family, considering how frequently they are hounded by paparazzi.

It’s possible that Meghan faked being pregnant and misled Harry about it. She may have even fabricated parts of her miscarriage. For instance, there are doubts about whether they took the remains home from the hospital or buried them under a tree. However, I don’t personally believe that she faked pregnancies with their two children. There are numerous photos where she appears pregnant in ways that cannot be easily faked around the arms, face, and breasts.

It’s possible she wore a fake baby bump to enhance the cute and round pregnant look, rather than just looking slightly overweight. Surrogacy is a possibility, but the idea that they don’t have any children quickly spirals into absurdity.

While they haven’t released many photographs with their children, there are pictures from Archie’s christening. Some argue that they borrowed a baby or that the photos are photoshopped. But why would William, Catherine, or Diana’s sisters go along with such a lie? What about other photos? Do they constantly borrow different babies?

There is a theory that Eugenie allowed them to use a photo of her child as Archie because there are similarities between glimpses of Archie and photos of Eugenie’s son. However, the photo in question was taken when Eugenie’s child would have been around six months old, and the child in the photo is obviously a toddler, not a newborn. So, according to that theory, we would have to believe that Eugenie secretly gave birth to a child in 2019 and has been saving up photos to pretend that he’s two years younger. It becomes increasingly implausible.

As for their plan, would they just hire actors occasionally to portray their children? Babies grow into children and then adults. It’s hard to buy into a theory where their plan is to fake having children when there should be a 10-year-old or 8-year-old, or even an 18-year-old or 16-year-old present. While I understand there may be differing opinions, it feels like the kind of scenario someone with an ulterior motive would propagate to make us all seem crazy.

I recall a phenomenon in message board culture where individuals would pretend to be pregnant, have a baby, and eventually, their story would fall apart because it was impossible to keep up the charade. An insider mentioned that Meghan may have rushed into announcing a pregnancy to overshadow Eugenie’s wedding. However, she didn’t anticipate the possibility of complications or difficulties in conceiving.

She believed she could pretend to be pregnant by wearing costumes and acting the part, relying on photoshopping to support her narrative. Then, in an attempt to divert attention from her controversial Oprah interview, she feigned another pregnancy. Currently, she hopes the public will forget about the previous children she pretended to have. She knows that the British royal family will neither complain nor explain the existence of their invisible children.

It’s worth noting that the circle of people involved in covering up such a deception would have to be impossibly large. Let’s entertain the idea that they have hired baby actors for photoshoots or borrowed children from friends, with everyone involved signing nondisclosure agreements. However, this scenario seems unlikely for numerous reasons, but for the sake of discussion, let’s pretend.

Now, let’s consider the scenario of Archie being nine years old. If they were to need him in a public appearance, how would they handle it? One suggestion is to have the parents of other kids sign nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). However, some people might recognize Archie and say, “Hey, I’m pretty sure that’s the kid who goes to school with my children or plays on my kids’ soccer team.”

As babies and very young children can have a resemblance, it becomes harder to interchange them as they grow older and become recognizable to those who have met them. Unless the conspiracy theory includes having an actor play their son and another actor play their daughter, both locked away in a secret facility to avoid interacting with anyone, it’s unclear how such a setup could work.

Another commenter shared a theory that Meghan initially lied about her pregnancy and miscarriage to solidify the proposal and the rushed royal wedding. According to this theory, she did get pregnant with Archie through IVF, but then used a prosthetic bump to appear excessively pregnant. Her aim was to have the perfect baby bump, similar to what Catherine had, for various outfits.

Regarding Archie, opinions vary. Some believe that Meghan either lost the pregnancy and had a closed adoption through surrogacy, which might explain the peculiar birth announcement, while others think she actually gave birth but lied about the details to create the perfect birth story, again leading to the odd birth announcement. It is suggested that Meghan demanded medical secrecy as a young American mother, preventing doctors from verifying the birth details. Hindsight suggests that the British royal family should have demanded proof for the line of succession, but now it’s too late.

As for Lily’s birth, some speculate that it was a planned closed surrogacy intended to enhance their appeal. However, this plan backfired due to the death of the queen, Meghan’s refusal to bring the children to public events, and her use of the personal name “Her Majesty” for the late queen, which was considered special and off-limits. Critics argue that the given name “Lily” is rather frivolous.

It is suggested that Meghan uses the mystery surrounding their children to build intrigue and possibly seek a payday similar to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. However, since she hasn’t received the anticipated attention, she may be waiting for a higher bidder in the future. Unfortunately for her, it seems that not many people truly care about this topic. Some speculate that if the children had resembled Diana or clearly had a different racial background, Meghan would have exploited their appearances on Instagram. However, since they don’t meet her standards of beauty, they have been kept away from the public eye.