In a surprising turn of events, Jack Mann, a close friend and polo player of Prince Harry, reportedly excluded the Sussexes from his wedding guest list while extending an invitation to the Waleses.

This decision sparked a reaction from Prince Harry, who was said to be displeased with being blacklisted due to concerns that he and Meghan would overshadow the wedding.

On the other hand, Prince William and Kate were invited to the wedding as special guests, leading to speculation that their presence would ensure no one steals the spotlight, as happened during Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

Photographs of Prince Harry standing shoulder to shoulder with Jack Mann and their other close associates at Windsor Castle on the night of Harry and Meghan’s actual wedding raised questions about the true best man.

Some believe that Mann, rather than Prince William, held this position based on their close friendship. Disappointment arose among royal fans over the weekend when Harry and Meghan were absent from Mann’s own wedding ceremony.

There have been allegations that Meghan has been restrictive in allowing Harry to maintain friendships, with claims that she banned him from seeing his friends. Consequently, Harry’s circle of friends, including his best friend Mann, was adversely affected. Mann tied the knot with osteopath Isabella Clark at Saint Peter’s Church in Suffolk. The guest list included Harry’s friend Thomas van Strabenzie, who is the godfather of Princess Charlotte van Strabenzie. It remains uncertain how close Harry and Mann still are, as they met during their time at Sandhurst. In Harry’s memoir, he openly acknowledged falling out with certain old acquaintances after his public criticism of the royal family on television.

While Mann may be considered the true best man in Harry’s eyes, it was officially announced that Prince William fulfilled that role. The palace stated that William was honored to have been asked and looked forward to supporting his brother at Saint George’s Chapel. This departure from conventional royal traditions refers to the best man as a supporter. For instance, during Prince Charles’ wedding to Princess Diana, his brothers Andrew and Edward were selected as supporters.

Mann’s wedding took place near the bride’s family estate, a grand 17th-century residence with expansive lawns leading to a river. According to royal expert Marlene Koenig, Prince William’s duties as best man did not significantly differ from those of any other person in that role. His main responsibilities were to ensure the smooth execution of the wedding proceedings, provide moral support, hold the ring, and be a supportive elder brother. Koenig emphasized that the two brothers are close in age, close friends, and rely on each other’s trust.

In another chapter of Harry’s bombshell memoir, he revealed his belief that he was not William’s best man, contrary to what was announced at the time. James Mead and Thomas van Stravinsey, friends of William, were mentioned as the actual best men.

Harry expressed that the public was led to believe he would be the best man, but in truth, William did not want him to deliver a best man speech. This decision was made due to concerns that Harry might say something inappropriate if given a live microphone, and William felt it was safer to keep him from going off-script.

The memoir sheds light on the complex dynamics between the two brothers and their differing perspectives on certain events, further fueling public interest and curiosity about their relationship.