Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Hollywood Future Hangs in the Balance as They Maintain a Carefree Appearance.
During an outing in Santa Barbara, the couple seemed happy-go-lucky, but something seemed amiss. Where were Archie and Lili? It’s unusual to never see them out and about as a family of four.

Furthermore, the couple’s public appearances with their dogs always exclude their children. While Harry claims to want to break the cycle of generational pain caused by a distant father, he is seldom seen with his own kids.

Recently, Harry and Meghan were seen leaving an office building in Santa Barbara, accompanied by an unidentified man who appeared to be part of their security detail.

The purpose of their visit remains unknown, but the building houses various businesses, including a karate studio, hair salon, artist studio, and a fellowship promoting yoga and meditation. This marks the first sighting of the couple since they officially vacated the cottage at the request of King Charles III.

The cottage, which was renovated by the couple, was their last connection to the UK, as they were also evicted from Frogmore, despite investing £2.4 million in its makeover, and only residing there for six months. In recent photos, Harry appears gloomy, while Meghan tries to project an image of utmost contentment. The staged photos, especially with Meghan’s seemingly forced grin, only reinforce the perception that their happiness is orchestrated.

Despite their attempts to sell their storybook romance against all odds, the public remains unconvinced. Meghan has yet to provide any substantial reasons for people to believe in her. Critics have labeled her as calculating, and the unnecessary security measures at Wimbledon, with Harry’s forced smile, only exacerbate the skepticism.

Angela Levin, a royal expert, predicts that Harry and Meghan’s marriage is on the brink of collapse following the fallout with Spotify. She asserts that Megan is often absent when Harry needs her the most, citing instances where she failed to support him during book promotions and royal events.

Their physical separation has become evident, with Megan pursuing her own ventures while Harry appears to be in a negative state, engaging in legal battles and making accusatory statements. The current state of their relationship is disheartening.