In a column for The Daily Mail on June 21, 2023, British journalist Dan Wootton claimed to have uncovered the “nightmare secret” behind Meghan Markle’s Spotify podcast deal self-destructing.

Wootton alleged that Markle had refused to appear on the podcast herself, despite being paid millions of dollars for the deal. He claimed that this was because Markle was “terrified of being interviewed” and that she “only agreed to do the deal in the first place because she thought she could get away with not doing any work.”

Wootton’s claims were based on anonymous sources, and Markle has not publicly responded to them. However, Spotify has confirmed that it has ended its deal with Archewell Audio, the production company founded by Markle and her husband, Prince Harry.

The collapse of the Spotify deal is a major setback for Markle and Harry, who have been struggling to build their own financial empire since stepping back from royal duties in 2020. The couple also have a $100 million deal with Netflix, but that deal has also been criticized for producing little content.

Wootton’s column is the latest in a series of negative stories about Markle in the British media. In recent months, she has been accused of being “demanding” and “difficult” to work with, and of being a “narcissist” who is only interested in her own fame and fortune.

Markle has denied all of these allegations, but they have undoubtedly damaged her reputation and made it more difficult for her to land lucrative deals. The collapse of the Spotify deal is a sign that Markle’s star power may be waning, and that she may not be able to command the same kind of attention and financial rewards that she once did.