The Montecito newspaper recently leaked a story suggesting that Prince Harry had been hospitalized and subjected to abuse by Meghan, with allegations of Doria administering hallucinogenic drugs. According to the Globe publication, the former Royal was reportedly admitted to a psychiatric facility in California after experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.

The newspaper ran a headline stating “Harry rushed to psych ward” and followed it with a detailed two-page article supporting the claims. It has been mentioned that Harry has been seeing a therapist for several years, emphasizing that even individuals who seem stable can require immediate treatment during episodes.

Seeking help was the right decision on Harry’s part, as he neither physically harmed Meghan or their children nor engaged in reckless behavior. Rather, he proactively sought assistance to address his issues. Personal opinions suggest that Harry may benefit from detoxification and mood stabilizers if these allegations are true, as it could potentially have positive implications.

It is speculated that Meghan may face significant backlash if she challenges the mental health community. Harry seems eager to escape his current reality and find someone or something to hold responsible for his actions over the past year.

However, his attempts to reach out to others reportedly remain unanswered, prompting him to escalate his efforts to be heard. Some sources suggest that a treatment center specializing in substance abuse and mental illness, where Harry could undergo detoxification, extensive testing, and therapy, may be beneficial for him.

Speculations about potential drug use have arisen, with dilated pupils associated with cocaine and gynecomastia (breast enlargement) linked to cannabis being mentioned as potential indicators. However, there is limited concrete evidence to support these claims.

Recent discussions between Prince Harry and Dr. Gabor Maté shed light on various personal matters, including the Duke’s diagnosis. The conversation touched upon topics such as trauma, vulnerability, and the healing process. Notably, Prince Harry asserted that he does not consider himself a victim and emphasized the importance of empathy.

Interestingly, Dr. Maté provided an immediate diagnosis, attributing PTSD, anxiety, and depression to Harry’s experiences, particularly his childhood and the loss of his mother. Prince Harry appeared to accept the diagnosis and acknowledged his personal therapist had also diagnosed him with PTSD.