Meghan Markle was left “choking” after Lady Susan Hussey, a close friend of the Queen, sent her a “red alert” at Royal Ascot. The report claims that Hussey warned Markle that she was being “bullied” by other members of the royal family, and that this was causing her a great deal of stress.

Markle is said to have called her friend Ngozi Fulani, a Nigerian-American philanthropist, for help. Fulani is said to have advised Markle to “stay strong” and to “ignore the bullies.”

The report has not been confirmed by Markle or any other members of the royal family. However, it has been widely shared on social media, and it has sparked a great deal of discussion about the treatment of Markle by the royal family.

Some people have expressed sympathy for Markle, and they have accused the royal family of bullying her. Others have defended the royal family, and they have said that Markle is simply not cut out for royal life.

It is unclear what the truth is about this incident. However, it is clear that Markle is under a great deal of pressure, and that she is struggling to cope with the demands of royal life.

It is important to note that this is just one report, and it has not been confirmed by any reliable sources. It is possible that the report is inaccurate, or that it is based on speculation. It is also possible that the report is accurate, but that it is being exaggerated.

It is important to wait for more information before making any judgments about this incident.