What is the current situation with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? There are rumors circulating that their relationship is not going well. Holr magazine is now delving into the details surrounding the couple’s alleged relationship status.

According to information from an insider, Prince Harry has supposedly hired a prominent divorce lawyer. It is also rumored that he has been spending a significant amount of time away from Meghan in hotels.

Speculations suggest that their troubles began when they could no longer afford their Montecito Mansion. Meghan then moved into a rented cottage on Oprah’s estate after allegedly being asked to leave the suite belonging to WME CEO’s son, Yusido.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry has been residing in various hotels and motels. They have been quietly attempting to sell their home for the past year, as they were initially unable to afford it, and it was King Charles who provided them with the necessary funds.

Recently, a source close to Better Up co-founder Alexi Robishov leaked that Harry is currently living in a predominantly gay resort hotel located in West Hollywood. It is worth noting that he is reportedly without his children, as he was evicted from the San Francisco townhouse when his supposed job with Better Up did not work out.

Interestingly, despite being in Los Angeles or Santa Barbara, there have been no reported sightings of Meghan or Harry with their children. They have not been seen going grocery shopping, visiting parks, attending doctor’s appointments, or engaging in any typical parental activities. It is striking that the couple rarely mentions their children, leaving many to wonder about their well-being and how they are coping while their parents seem to be traveling around the world.

In a recent interview, Lady C also commented on Harry and Meghan’s marriage, describing Harry’s demeanor as that of a third-rate butler rather than a gentleman. She claimed their marriage to be exploitative, and removed her personal emotions and sentiments from the matter. Lady C suggested that Meghan is an operator who has molded herself to achieve her desired success.

She believes such extreme ambition stems from deep self-doubt, self-hatred, and a lack of self-acceptance. In Lady C’s view, this type of personality lacks the emotional depth and spiritual connection that a healthy individual possesses, allowing them to manipulate others and their own identity.

With all these dynamics at play, it is no wonder that people like Meghan can be extremely controlling. However, they often struggle to maintain control over themselves, leading to volatile behaviors or seeking external elements to calm themselves.

The true self is inevitably betrayed by the artificial self they have created, making it difficult to establish meaningful relationships. As a result, the outcome of their marriage is uncertain, as marriages involving such volatile personalities can be loving one moment and explosive the next.

It is evident that both Meghan and Harry have complex personal struggles and challenges within their relationship.”