Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s family nanny Lorren introduced the Royals to the Zimbabwean way of life by carrying little Archie on her back.

This sweet insight emerged in one of the last episodes of Netflix’s Harry & Meghan docuseries, with Lorren herself sitting down for her first on-camera interview. Casting her mind back to the life-changing job offer from the Duke and Duchess, she said: “I had this phone call and they were like, Prince Harry and Meghan would like to see you and talk to you about looking after Archie. I was like, ‘Hang on a minute, I need to sit down.’

“I remember just driving so far. I think I did get a ticket. Actually, yes, I did,” Lorren added, with Meghan present in the room, laughing.” She continued: “When I arrived at Frogmore Cottage, I see this guy, he’s tall, he’s ginger, and he’s walking barefoot. And I have gone and bought a new pair of shoes in Clarks.

“And suddenly, whatever I thought or felt, the formality just sort of slid and I felt so at ease. They were really hands-on parents.”

Lorren, who began working for the Sussexes when Archie was a newborn, went on to reveal how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be there “first thing” when their son woke up.

“They would be with their baby. She would feed him. And then after that, I’ll take over and normally we’d go for a morning walk,” she said. Chiming in, Harry revealed: “And she said, ‘Is it okay if I, like, tie him on my back with a mud cloth like we do in Zimbabwe?’ Yes! Let’s do that! Archie’s legs like this. Hugging Lorraine like this, fast asleep.”

Meghan added: “She just took care of, not just Archie, but she took care of us. She definitely took care of me.” It’s not all sunshine and roses though, as elsewhere in the new episodes, Harry opened up about allegedly being blocked from seeing his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth II back in 2019.

He and Meghan had spent Christmas over in Canada but were scheduled to fly home to the UK. Harry emailed his dad Charles informing him of their plans.

“Before we left, I spoke to my grandmother as well and told her that we were coming back on the 6th, and I would love to come and see you. She knew that we were finding things hard. I’d spoken to her many times about it. She told me that she had no plans for the week,” he recalled.

“She said: ‘Well, why don’t you come up?’ You can have tea, but why don’t you stay the night, you and Meghan?”