Counterattacking Ukrainian troops in the eastern city of Bakhmut have made gains of up to 1,400 meters in the last day, according to a military spokesman.

The latest in a string of victories claimed by Kyiv this week in Bakhmut, which Russia claimed full control of last month after the bloodiest and longest struggle since its full-scale invasion in February 2022, has been made.

We’re mounting a counterattack and are now attempting to launch strikes on the adversary. The spokesman for the eastern military command stated, “We’ve managed to advance up to 1,400 meters on various sections of the front.” This was in response to a question regarding the conflict near Bakhmut.

In televised statements, official Serhiy Cherevaty indicated that Russian soldiers had attempted a counterattack but failed.

He said that Ukrainian forces had damaged military equipment and caused serious fatalities among Russian troops.

Reuters was unable to confirm this claim or the status of the battleground independently.

Bloggers have reported seeing German and American tanks for the first time, signaling the beginning of the long-awaited offensive in Ukraine, which was announced by both Moscow and Kyiv on Friday.

In the occupied east and south of Ukraine, Russia has constructed vast fortifications. This week, Russia claimed that a major drive by Kyiv had failed to break through Russian defenses.

The British Ministry of Defense said that Ukrainian forces had broken through the first line of Russian defenses in certain regions, but had made less headway elsewhere.

Ukraine has been preparing to launch a large counteroffensive for weeks, but its officials insist that the offensive has not yet begun and promise that they will make it clear when it does.