Nacho Figueras, a professional polo player and friend of Prince Harry, has reportedly cut ties with the Duke of Sussex. The two men had been close for many years, and Figueras had even been godfather to one of Harry’s children. However, the relationship appears to have soured in recent months, with Figueras reportedly growing tired of Harry’s financial demands.

According to a report in The Sun, Figueras has been footing the bill for Harry’s polo expenses, including club fees and the cost of horses. The report claims that Harry has been spending up to $100,000 a month on polo, and that Figueras is no longer willing to bankroll his friend’s expensive hobby.

The report also claims that Figueras is unhappy with Harry’s behavior in recent months. The Duke has been accused of being demanding and difficult to work with, and of not pulling his weight when it comes to polo. Figueras is said to be disappointed in Harry’s transformation from a carefree young man into a self-absorbed celebrity.

The report comes at a time when Harry is facing increasing scrutiny over his finances. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been living a lavish lifestyle since they stepped back from royal duties in 2020, and they have been criticized for their use of private jets and their expensive vacations. Harry is also reportedly facing a legal battle with the British government over his security arrangements.

It is unclear how the rift between Harry and Figueras will affect the Duke’s future in polo. Harry has said that he wants to continue playing polo professionally, but it is possible that he will have to find a new sponsor if Figueras is no longer willing to support him.

The rift between Harry and Figueras is a sign of the changing times for the Duke. He is no longer the carefree young man who was once one of the most popular members of the royal family. He is now a self-absorbed celebrity who is facing increasing scrutiny over his finances and his behavior. It remains to be seen how Harry will cope with the pressures of his new life.