Despite the “intensity” of their march having diminished and Russia sending in additional soldiers, Ukraine claimed on Monday that its troops were still pushing on the sides of the damaged eastern city of Bakhmut.

A tiny portion of Bakhmut is still under the hands of Kiev’s soldiers, according to Ukrainian authorities, despite what Russia said on Saturday.

Hanna Maliar, the deputy minister of defense, reaffirmed on Monday that Ukraine only has a marginal presence inside the city.

She stated in televised remarks, “We manage to defeat the enemy with our movement on the flanks – to the north and south. “Our armed forces have made it very difficult for the enemy to stay in the city itself by moving along the flanks and occupying certain heights there.”

“Despite a little decrease in intensity, we are still moving forward. Speaking about the north, there is a lot less activity there. In terms of the south, we are moving forward and the defense of Bakhmut as a city has fully achieved its military goal.