A man who broke into a chicken coop while naked after doing “way too much meth” has been caught.

Local news says that Jeffrey Falls was caught earlier this month after a homeowner in Louisiana called the police and said there was a naked man in his chicken coop.

When the cops got there, Mr. Falls was naked and trying to clean the floor of the coop with his hands.

Officers saw that Mr. Falls’ pupils were bigger than normal and that he was acting strangely.

He told the police that he had taken meth and was having hallucinations. He then said that his car door wouldn’t talk back when he tried to talk to it.

The owner told the cops that he didn’t know the man and didn’t want him in his chicken coop.

The bail is set at $900.

Even though methamphetamine doesn’t always cause symptoms, some people who use it often can develop psychosis.

A picture of Mr. Falls’s face has not yet been made public.

In the past few years, chicken coops have been used in a number of meth-related cases.

Local Arkansas news reported in 2018 that Dustin Manues was caught after police chased him into a chicken coop and found he was carrying a loaded handgun and 51 grams of meth.

In Georgia in 2016, a man who was thought to be running a meth-trafficking ring hid in a chicken coop and used the chickens as cover to avoid being caught.

Four months later, he was finally caught and taken into prison.
Mr. Falls has been arrested and charged with breaking the law by entering, breaking the law by damaging property, and breaking the peace.